Monday, March 29, 2010

Baguette, Anyone? | Dallas Family Photographer

Oh my goodness... how much do I love this kid? Oodles! I'm his auntie, afterall. Not exactly by blood, but close enough.

I had the joy of taking some pics of this handsome little guy when he was just about 8 months old and then I had the privilege of being paid a weekend visit by he and his awesome folks right after he turned one. A little charmer is this kid, I tell you. And he is blessed with two great parents. (I love you guys!)


  1. The tire shop and LAUNDROMAT are so cool! Okay so, this boy is adorable. Seriously. Watch out girls.

  2. Thanks! I had been dying to do a laundromat session and luckily there was an awesome one in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. His parents are big into fixing up cars as a hobby, so the whole tire shop thing was SO appropriate for them and I didn't even know that that mural was there when we decided to go there! Total SCORE! ;)