Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 500 Likes | A Freebie for My Friends

As a little THANK YOU gift for my 500 Facebook "Likers" out there, here is a high resolution freebie from me to you! Save it, print it, make a card out of it, or stick it in a frame! It's cropped to print to 5x7. When you click on it, it will take you to my Flickr site. Above the photo, click on "All Sizes" and then choose "Large" before right clicking and saving to your desktop. Enjoy!

500 Likes 2010 Freebie Download!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Princess Alexa Dress Up Closet at Cook Children's Medical Center | Fort Worth Event Photographer

Last Friday, I volunteered at the grand opening of the Princess Alexa Dress Up Closet at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth. It was such a great party with a marvelous turn-out! I can't begin to put into words the happiness that was seen on so many little faces that day... as well as on the faces of the Princess Alexa founders and volunteers. Alexa Aigner's 2nd Angel Day was celebrated with such love and remembrance that this photographer had a hard time keeping her eyes dry to work her camera!

I came away from this event with a few things...

1. There are good, thoughtful people in this world. I saw a mother and her two little boys getting ready to leave the party empty-handed and when one of the volunteers asked why the boys hadn't gotten costumes or other goodies, the mom smiled and said, "Oh, they're not sick. There are other kids who can enjoy those things." You know, in many cases, people would jump at the chance to get a freebie. It just made me pause and smile.

2. Conviction and dedication go a long way. I look at Alexa's parents in pure wonder and amazement. When Crys got up to give her speech for the festivities, I just couldn't believe her poise. She simply radiated... and this strength could only come from God and her love for her little girl.

3. Children are all special and deserve to be healthy and happy. The Princess Alexa Foundation is not able to heal the bodies of these children who they touch, but HAPPINESS IS HEALING even if it means giving joy to a child simply through PLAY.

4. Dreams can come true.

Please consider donating in some way to the Princess Alexa Foundation. "Celebrating the childhood spirit of seriously ill children through dress up and play."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miss A + Miss A: Twinkies | Dallas Children's Photographer

I think that this is the "dreamiest" set of photos I've ever done for anyone! They are my cousin's twins and these are their 2nd birthday portraits. From the setting to their outfits, when I went to edit them, I immediately felt that they should portray a dream-like mood and I hope that I was able to accomplish this. I have to admit that I can't tell them apart (hahaha!) but boy are they cute!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lindsey @ Splitsville | Arlington Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

A few months ago, I somehow stumbled upon this retro restaurant/bar/bowling alley online and found that it was located reasonably close by. It is the only location of its kind in Texas. Anyway, I had the idea that it would be a fabulous location for portraits, so I gave them a call. Lo 'n behold, I was seemingly the first photographer to call and ask, "Hey, can I use your space to shoot people?" Haha. They were very cool on the phone and I simply made a note of it as a possible future location.

Well, coming back from the event that I photographed, I decided to call and ask them if I could come by and have a tour and talk to the manager about coming by with clients in-tow at some point. Am I glad I did, or what?! LOVE, love, love this space! It is so fabulously cool, I can barely stand it.

Anyway, it's called Splitsville and it is a luxury bowling lounge, located in Arlington. After my little tour of the facilities, Lindsey agreed to be my model for a few minutes. Woo-hoo! Thanks, Lindsey! I've also agreed to come back and take more photos of some of the other employees for Splitsville's promotional purposes. I'm so excited!

It's the perfect place to party it up with friends and a great place for date night, folks, so go and check it out. Splitsville in Arlington Highlands, TX!

The Princess Alexa Playroom at The Fort Worth Ronald McDonald House | Fort Worth Event Photographer

I was again honored to be a part of a Princess Alexa Foundation event today -- the unveiling of the newly designed Princess Alexa Playroom at the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Worth! The wonderfully dedicated people over at PAF had the old playroom remodeled, redecorated and re-stocked (with new toys, some donated from sales at Teacher's Tools!) and they have done a phenomenal job. I was able to see some "before" photos of the room and it is literally a Cinderella transformation, folks! What wonderful work they have done for the families of some seriously ill children. Bravo!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Charming Chuns | Grapevine Family Photographer

This is the charming and lovely family of a couple of people with whom I have lots of connections... you know, your basic "it's a small world" stories. We went to the same church oh-so-many years ago and have friends and family who are all connected in various ways. Anyway, it was so nice to see them after so many years and obviously to meet their two sweet girls.

Mom did a great job styling everyone, as you can see. We hit Nash Farm first and then headed out to Westlake to snap a few with the bluebonnets (this was before security started cracking down on that area and kicking all of the photographers and their clients off the premises!).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun & Funky | McKinney Children's Photographer

I had the pleasure of spending some time with these gorgeous girls at a custom tailored "fun and funky" session at Storybook Ranch in McKinney, TX. It's been months and months and this post has been long coming. I am fortunate to know these sweet and sassy girls, most of whom are models for The Campbell Agency and Kim Dawson Agency. Their moms were just sweet enough to let me "borrow" them for a couple of hours... all because I had an "idea" and wanted to see how it would turn out. Thank you all for your time and effort!

Make-up was provided by Kristin Jacobson-Estell, Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Hair accessories were provided by Silla Francis of Silla Soup. Wardrobe and styling was a joint collaboration by the moms of these phenomenal girls. And a big thank you to Lynn Kim Miller who allowed us on her property for this shoot!