Friday, August 27, 2010

Jenna's Getting Married | McKinney Bridal Portraits

I was asked by an old high school friend, Karen of Karen Soltero Photography, to 2nd shoot a wedding with her in October and seeing as I have no experience being a "2nd shooter," I was totally excited and flattered. She flew in from L.A. a few weeks ago to meet with her bride for bridal portraits, so I tagged along to see the venue and snap a few. I LOVE being a 2nd shooter! You get to have all of the fun and less stress! Haha! Anyway, I stayed on the sidelines while Karen did her thing and came away with a few shots myself.

With permission from the bride, here is my post. I HOPE that the groom doesn't stumble upon this blog because he doesn't want to see her dress before the wedding!

A Goodbye to Summer | McKinney Portrait Photographer

Meet Abbi, my gorgeous model for the gigantic sunflower field shoot. Little did we know that by the time we made it over there, the flowers would all be wilted in the hot, Texas sun. Still, we used their dramatic look to our advantage and I can say with absolute sincerity that I'm GLAD that they were dead! Hahaha! I love the contrast of her youth and beauty against the aging of the flowers. There is movement in these pics without there actually being movement... all because of the sunflowers. This is me trying to be poetic, here. This is my accidental ode to Van Gogh. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy 600 Likes | A Freebie for My Friends

"Beep Beep!"

As a little THANK YOU gift for my now 600 Facebook "Likers" out there, here is a high resolution freebie from me to you! Save it, print it, make a card out of it, or stick it in a frame! It's cropped to print to 5x7. When you click on it, it will take you to my Flickr site. Above the photo, click on "Actions" and then "View all sizes" to choose the largest size before saving it to your desktop. Enjoy!

600 Likes 2010 Freebie Download: "Beep Beep!"

(Toy car display was photographed at Children's Medical Center, Dallas, TX.)

The Teen Scene: BFFs | Dallas Portrait Photographer

My gosh, but this was a FUN session! Two JV cheerleaders + one superstar soccer player = three fun, girly BFFs! They were so full of life and excited that it was contagious, I tell you. Everything I asked them to do, they did with flair and gusto (dream come true for a photographer, lemme tell ya). Being around them and then getting to edit these photos, it just made me long for those days of being 15. Sigh. I want a do-over!

Thanks again, girls, for being so awesome. You rock! Have a great school year!

"You're never too old to become younger." -- Mae West

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Arabian Knight | Colleyville Children's Photographer

I was so thrilled when asked by a local friend if she could set up a photo session for her niece's baby boy who was to visit from Saudi Arabia. (I'm going global, folks! Haha.) I should have known how beautiful this kid was going to be, but holy wow! Not only was he a dreamy baby to photograph, but he was SO GOOD, my heart just melted.

Now, I believe that all children are special. Yes, of course they are. But it is true that some are waited-for and cried-
over more than others. This precious boy, the product of a gorgeous joining of Spanish, Lebanese, French and Syrian lines is one of those children. He was waited and waited for... and now he is. And he is such a blessing and so loved.