Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soak Up the Sun Mini-Sessions | Colleyville Family Photographer

Near the end of June, before the unfortunate incident with my external hard drive going kaput, I had the pleasure of meeting with several awesome families for a weekend of summertime-themed mini-sessions. We did everything from fun at a splash park to "WATERMELON!" to showing our red, white & blue patriotism. It was so much fun for me and I hope that it was as much fun for everyone who came out.

Two of my families are cousins who were booked back-to-back so that I could get some group shots that they planned to give as a gift to their grandparents. How sweet, right? I love it when things work out like that!

Another of my families, as it turns out, has a well-known photographer as the head of their household. I'm so glad that I was clueless as to this fact at our shoot because I would have been all thumbs the entire time! Anyway, his name is Tadd Myers and his work speaks for itself.

And last but certainly not least, one of my families booked this mini as a surprise gift to their dad who will be serving in the Navy, far away from home, for the next year. They are making such big sacrifices to serve God and our country, bless them.

Here they all are...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Etsy Shop Samples | Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash 2010 Application

OK, so most of you, my friends, know that I have been working on adding sti
ll life work to my portfolio so that I can finally open my Etsy shop. Many of you have asked "When are you going to start selling your still life?" and this is how I'm hoping to get it all off the ground...

If I am approved to be a seller at this year's Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash, I will be working my little booth on November 20th, selling gift tags, bookmarks, greeting cards, postcards, prints, and posters! If my application passes the test, I will let you know so that you can come on down and do some holiday shopping! Fingers crossed!

Here is a sampling of some of the work that will be for sale in the various forms listed above...

Model Search | Sunflower Field

* The caveat to the "rules" of this model search is that if you are pregnant with a cute little belly, you're welcome to apply, too!

(Photo edited with permission from my good friend, Alyssa Maisano Photography. Thanks, Lyss!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunflower Mini-Sessions Announcement | Valley Ranch Family Photographer

I'm announcing my SUNFLOWER MINI-SESSIONS set for this Friday, July 16th and Sunday, July 18th. I have spots during the evening on both days though I am willing to open up a couple of spots early in the morning on Sunday if there is a need. Please email me for details:

Of course, if you're interested in having a full session in the sunflower field, please let me know and we can set that up soon, too!