Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Photo Attire | Dallas Children's Photographer

I have been getting asked a lot by parents who want suggestions and tips for dressing their children for holiday photos. I took my own kids out today to take our holiday card pics and though this particular one is probably not the one I'll choose to send out in the end, I thought it might be a good one to post to help with some ideas.

I try to encourage my clients to "think outside the box" as far as what has been conventional for portrait wardrobe in years (decades) past. The whole "everybody dresses the same and in the same colors" is so very... yesterday. Now, I don't mean to offend those of you who adamantly adhere to this particular style. If that's what you like, it's what you like. To each his/her own. I'm only here to give suggestions and my opinions on what makes good photos great. You're obviously here because you like something about my style, so you can trust me on this one.

Coordinate! Layer! Hats! Colors! Leggings! Patterns! Scarves! Denim! And you don't have to go with the traditional red and green to make your photos scream of the holidays, either.

OK, that is all. Over and out!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Mr. T | Dallas Newborn Photographer

A month ago, I spent the morning with "Mr. T" and his family at their very lovely home. His mother had contacted me the day before going in for her c-section, so I got to meet him right when he was a "fresh" 2 weeks old. And what a good baby! Oh, this mommy and daddy are just blessed with the mildest, sweetest baby boy, you just wouldn't believe it. His cutie-pie, spunky big sister kept things lively the entire session and it was a morning enjoyed by all.

(Please click on individual images for higher resolution viewing)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Pea in a Pod + a Dog | Dallas Maternity Photographer

I met with this super cute couple a few weeks ago for my very first maternity session. I still chuckle to myself when I think of them claiming that they're unphotogenic. I think not! They were such a fun, loving couple and it just puts a smile on my face to think of the little being that they're about to bring into the world. He sure is blessed to have parents who are so in love with each other, as with he. They also brought along their first "baby," their Great Dane, Chloe, who was strikingly one of the most beautiful and sweetest-looking dogs I have ever seen. So not only was this my first maternity session, but it was also my first pet session, as well! Here's to the happy family...

Note: These photos were taken at The Red Shed antiques store garden and at the Palace Theatre in Grapevine, TX.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Imaginary Friend | Dallas Family Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had quite an unusual and FUN session with this adorable little girl and her very cool parents. She was definitely one of the most imaginative, creative, and intelligent children of her age I have ever met. She completely captivated me with stories about her imaginary friend and it was as if "Jiabba" were right there with us the whole time. (And for the record, I have no idea how you spell his name.)

Anyway, this cutie's parents are both pediatricians for the Medical Clinic of North Texas. Her father picked up my business card at the Las Colinas location where he works. My own children go to this practice for their medical needs and my opinion is that anyone reading this blog who is shopping around for a pediatrician should look up Drs. McColm and Phan! They're just awesome people and I think I know enough about the practice at Las Colinas to know that they wouldn't have hired these docs if they weren't amazing at what they do. How's that for a plug?

So on to our session pics... I had a really tough time whittling out my faves this time around! I just loved this session!

Note: These photos were taken on Main Street in Grapevine, TX.

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