Thursday, July 15, 2010

Model Search | Sunflower Field

* The caveat to the "rules" of this model search is that if you are pregnant with a cute little belly, you're welcome to apply, too!

(Photo edited with permission from my good friend, Alyssa Maisano Photography. Thanks, Lyss!)


  1. :( are you sure an additional caveat couldn't be ... + a family of 4 kids (2 boys + 2 girls) with a mom who loves sunflowers!!!! they were my wedding flower and are all over my house - just need a photo with my kids among them to make collection complete :)

  2. do you plan on doing any sunflower shoots this year???

  3. LOL... yes, actually, I plan to do some minis in July. Unfortunately, this particular field pictured above is not available this year. The farmer decided to plant wheat this year! Keep an eye on my Facebook page for an announcement for sunflower mini-sessions. Thanks!