Friday, December 3, 2010

Class of 2011: Bree | Dallas Senior Photographer

Meet the lovely Bree. She and her mom were so much fun to hang out with on the evening of our shoot. They were both ready and willing to go anywhere and try anything. Ask me how much I love it when clients are willing to be adventurous and possibly even step a little outside of their comfort zone?

Anyway... she's not only gorgeous, but so sweet, too. (How lucky am I that I have had the good fortune of shooting these AWESOME high school seniors? Seriously, there has not been one rotten egg among them!) And the girl is tall and leggy... she should be a model. I mean, she already has a doppelganger in Taylor Swift. Right? People have actually mistaken her for Taylor! Haha.

Whatever the case... it was a pleasure to take her senior portraits and I wish only the very best for this beautiful girl as she approaches her commencement. Best wishes for a wonderful future, Bree!


  1. She's prettier than Taylor Swift!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful Yony!! Well done. What lens do you primarily shoot with?

  3. Thanks, Lauren!! Lately, I've been using my 70-200 f/4 L a lot. I'd actually had it for a couple of years and was scared to use it until just a few months ago. It took some getting used to. I love it, though, and can't wait to upgrade to the f/2.8! Ha... when that will be, nobody knows...