Sunday, April 24, 2011

Titanmoon | Dallas Entertainment Photographer: Indie Rock Band

Titanmoon are Tyler Casey, Trey Ware, Zack Felton, and Nate Schneidewent and they are "just a simple rock band trying to make a difference in this beautiful world" (grabbed from

To say that Titanmoon are simply a good, local indie rock band would be a gross understatement of who they really are. Sure, they are a group of fun-loving guys who know how to jam, but they're people on a mission, too. Spend an hour or two with them and their awesome manager and you quickly learn that they are a band with heart who want to spread a little goodness to the world.

Their aim is to share their beliefs with an audience that would otherwise be unreachable, bringing together different cultures and world views through various humanitarian efforts and projects. Their music is a means to an end, a positive one. Talk to them about their experiences in Japan and Pakistan and you will understand a little bit about what makes them who they are, not only as a band, but as a bunch of good guys.

You can check them out on Facebook, but stay tuned to see their newly updated website, coming soon. Rock on, Titanmoon!


  1. We LOVE our photos! Thank you, Yony!

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