Saturday, August 8, 2009

Free Photo Session Contest | Dallas Family Photography

YLK photography is on Facebook and I am at 199 fans! A mere 1 away from 200! To mark this little milestone, I thought that I would try something fun. The rules are easy.

1. Spread the word about YLK photography and encourage your friends and neighbors to become fans at

2. Choose someone you know (who is already a fan or has newly become a fan) and post on my wall your reason(s) for believing that they should win the free photo session.** It better be good because not just any Joe Schmo is gonna win this thing!

3. YOUR incentive is that if I pick the friend for whom you voted, you will receive a credit of $25 toward a future session with me.

4. Wait until August 21st for my announcement about who has won!

My apologies to all of you who are not in the DFW area. If only I had a magic carpet!

Thanks, guys! I hope you decide to play along!

** If you do not have a Facebook account, you may choose to "follow" my blog and leave your vote for a friend in the form of a comment to this post. Of course, you've got to forward my URL and get that friend to follow/fan me first!

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