Saturday, August 29, 2009

JZ-J Boyz in Da Hizzy | Dallas Family Photographer

Don't ask me about the title of this post. I'm trying to sound hip and probably failing miserably. Hahaha. Anyway, about two weeks ago, I had a fun session with a bunch of rowdy boys! Actually, "rowdy" is not the right word. They were just silly. Namely the middle one. Heehee. Oh, they're such good kids, I could tell immediately. The eldest is smart and responsible, the middle one is a sweet ham, and the youngest... well, he's the roly-poliest, happy 6-month old I have seen in a long time! What a fun morning... and here are some shots from my time with them.

Note: These photos were taken at their home and Storybook Ranch, McKinney, TX.


  1. Yony! Thank you so much for so beautifully capturing this time in our lives. Since this was our last baby - we wanted to "freeze" time. I love how you got expressions out of each of our boys that are so natural, so them and totally reflect our family. We will really cherish these photos and looking at them brings back good memories of this time in our lives. BRAVO!

  2. Sally, you are so very welcome! I'm so happy that you feel that I was able to capture the natural "essence" of each of your boys. That is exactly what I ever want to hear after a photo session! I'm glad you like your photos!!