Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Miss H | Dallas Children's Photographer

Oh my goodness, I am so unbelievably behind on my blog posts, it's ridiculous. Must make a big mental note to allot more time for everything nearing next Christmas!

Anyway, this darling, cheeky little girl came to be my friend back at the end of October. Her mom had been one of the first people to leave me a thoughtful and encouraging comment on this blog way before we even met and I will honestly never forget how it made me feel.

Miss H's story is amazing. Her journey to c
ome home began years before she was even born. Her loving parents brought her home from Taiwan this past spring, you see, after more years and red tape than anyone should have to endure to become parents. I can tell you firsthand... this spunky little girl and her mom are a match made in heaven. They were simply meant to be. I'm just so happy to have been asked to capture a tiny moment in this blessed baby's life.

If you would like to learn more about their story, please check out their blog:

Note: These photos were taken at Nash Farm and the Botanical Gardens in Grapevine, TX.

(Please click on individual images for higher resolution viewing)


  1. okay sitting here are so sweet and i am so glad that you and I met and became friends. We are doing that coffee thing after these crazy holidays are over and all the kiddos are back in school.
    We can't tell you how much we love, love, love our pictures, and I am already thinking about what she will wear the next time we have you take her pic. I have a black pettiskirt on it's way and should photograph my sassy sweet quite beautifully I hope.
    She truly was meant to be our daughter, and sometimes you just know there is something bigger and more powerful than you working the on your story!!

    thank you my friend!! You really are a talent and have an amazing eye. I feel honored to have you document our story with pictures. Someday you will be famous and I will be able to say that I knew you before you were a famous photog:)

  2. Oh, you're so funny about me becoming famous. I'm too simple a gal to aspire to that. I'm happy just bouncing along as I am. But you are too kind with your words, thank you! It makes me so happy to know how much you love your photos and obviously, I can't wait for my next session with li'l Miss Thang. Definitely a YES on our proposed coffee date after the holidays... thanks again, my friend! Have a very merry and memorable first Christmas with your sweet girl!

  3. Hi Yony. These are gorgeous pictures. Thanks for joining me at Secret Poems, and for introducing me to your beautiful site.

  4. Mairi... your blog is such an inspiration! Thanks!!