Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Princess Alexa Dress Up Closet at Cook Children's Medical Center | Fort Worth Event Photographer

Last Friday, I volunteered at the grand opening of the Princess Alexa Dress Up Closet at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth. It was such a great party with a marvelous turn-out! I can't begin to put into words the happiness that was seen on so many little faces that day... as well as on the faces of the Princess Alexa founders and volunteers. Alexa Aigner's 2nd Angel Day was celebrated with such love and remembrance that this photographer had a hard time keeping her eyes dry to work her camera!

I came away from this event with a few things...

1. There are good, thoughtful people in this world. I saw a mother and her two little boys getting ready to leave the party empty-handed and when one of the volunteers asked why the boys hadn't gotten costumes or other goodies, the mom smiled and said, "Oh, they're not sick. There are other kids who can enjoy those things." You know, in many cases, people would jump at the chance to get a freebie. It just made me pause and smile.

2. Conviction and dedication go a long way. I look at Alexa's parents in pure wonder and amazement. When Crys got up to give her speech for the festivities, I just couldn't believe her poise. She simply radiated... and this strength could only come from God and her love for her little girl.

3. Children are all special and deserve to be healthy and happy. The Princess Alexa Foundation is not able to heal the bodies of these children who they touch, but HAPPINESS IS HEALING even if it means giving joy to a child simply through PLAY.

4. Dreams can come true.

Please consider donating in some way to the Princess Alexa Foundation. "Celebrating the childhood spirit of seriously ill children through dress up and play."

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