Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love, Lovely, Loved | Las Colinas Newborn Photographer

This is the sweet firstborn of our awesome family pediatrician and her equally fabulous attorney husband (I think that Li'l Miss is gonna be pretty smart, don't you? No pressure!). They welcomed me into their beautiful home a few weeks ago and I got to spend a good amount of time with their precious girl who is a GOOD sleeper, I might add! She didn't even seem to mind all of my man-handling for the sake of "getting the shot."

I love newborns. Babies are just yummy and everybody knows it. But I also love new parents. There is just something about becoming a parent for the first time, isn't there? New parents are endearing. I just love watching them interact with one another and with their little ones when everything is brand new. When even the love is new.


  1. beautiful baby(but aren't they all?) the one in your little painted crib...with those BEAUTIFUL heart shaped pursed lips.....dying here looking at her!!!!
    Another work of your magic!!!

  2. I couldn't not keep that shot because her lips look like rose petals! LOVE!! Thanks, Pink Velvet Mommy! ;)