Friday, February 4, 2011

3rd Time's The Charm | Cabin Fever Photography

My baby. I couldn't do successive posts on my older two kids and leave out the third, so here he is, playing in the snow. He is our funniest and most entertaining child, you can ask my husband. He is also my little koala bear, always attached to me. Of the three, he is also my smallest child, but don't let his short stature fool you because not only is he a hoot, but he's got spunk and he's never gonna go down without a fight. Maybe that's because he's the baby, I don't know. What I do know is that he makes me smile. He makes all of us smile.

I love my baby, my baby. He will always be my baby.


  1. Love the first photo! Hilarious boy-king-of-the-world shot.

  2. Thank you, Monica! The third image was the first shot I took that day and the first one was the second. As soon as he turned and saw that I was pointing my camera at him, he did that pose and face. LOL. He's such a goofball. :)