Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deep Freeze of 2011 | Cabin Fever Children's Photography

Well, we are one of the over 2 dozen U.S. states hit by this deep winter freeze, so my kids have been out of school since Tuesday. I don't think that Texas schools have ever been closed for 3 days in a row due to inclement weather before! Is anybody else out there going bat**** crazy from the cabin fever?! Anyway, I can't remember the last time that I got to do a blog post just for myself, so I sat and edited these images for the purpose of posting them here.

The cold and the dreariness prompted me to style her in some fun colors, all centered around her natural "brightness" and this vintage baby afghan that I bought recently at an antique store. Oh, and as a friend of mine pointed out, these are appropriate for heralding Valentine's Day because of the hearts on her tights, too. :) I hope that everybody is keeping warm... and safe. Hang in there! Spring is near, I can feel it!

My sweet girl. I love her laugh. I love her to pieces.


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  2. Thanks, Mom! :) We were only outside for less than 10 minutes. She said, "I can just IMAGINE that it's sunny and warm and then I won't look like I'm cold in the pictures!"