Monday, September 28, 2009

Turnaround Time

I have made a change to my "FAQs" section involving the completion of my clients' discs. If you have not yet had a photo session with me, this will affect you. As of today, the 28th of September, my estimated time for completing fully edited images to your copyright released discs is 3 to 5 weeks, unless other arrangements are made. Please keep this in mind when booking a session with me, especially with Christmas card season looming before us!

If you have already had your photo session prior to today and are awaiting your disc, this does not pertain to you, though it looks like I'm working on closer to 3-4 weeks than 2 at the moment.

When it takes me longer to complete your disc, it is actually a good sign because it means that I am pouring 110% into the editing process. I say this with complete sincerity and honesty. In the same breath, if I finish your disc in a jiffy, it probably means that your pictures were just that easy-breezy to do.

At any rate, thanks for your patience as my business grows and takes shape! God bless.

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