Tuesday, November 30, 2010

40 Years | Colleyville Family Photographer

How awesome is this? A family celebrating their Mom & Dad/Grandma & Grandpa's 40th wedding anniversary with a family portrait memento! It was a fun and lively session with these cute kiddos who had come out for my summertime mini-sessions this year... plus 1! Yes, we also celebrated the addition of a little sister to these two handsome brothers.

There's a fun story that I got to hear during our session and that is of this patriarch's long-lost love -- his '69 Chevelle. I'm sure I'd mess it all up trying to retell it, though, so to cut to the chase... they had this awesome car back when they were first in love, ended up selling it, then recently FOUND the very car after a 12-year search to track it down. It had never been wrecked and the only difference was that a subsequent owner had painted it. So anyway, they are restoring it to its original glory and hopefully (pretty please?) one day I'll get to snap some shots of them sitting in it. Here's the link to a thread all about it: 1969 Chevelle.

Mr. and Mrs. D, congratulations on your 40 years together... may God bless the next 40!

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