Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Francis Family | Dallas Family Photographer

Back in November of last year, my good friend asked me to take some family photos for her for their Christmas cards. I had never "officially" taken photos for anyone else before and it didn't matter that she is one of my best friends -- the idea that I could screw the whole thing up and let someone else down turned me into a ball of nerves. Anyway, this shoot took place before I decided to take on this new adventure called "YLK photography," but I wanted to post a few of my faves on here to pay tribute to one of my favorite families and especially one of my greatest "cheerleaders." I love the Francis Family!

Note: These photos were taken at Pecan Park and O.C. Taylor Elementary in Grapevine, TX.


  1. must you make me tear up so??? i loved looking at these and loved the ones i hadn't seen before!

    i knew once you took the first step, you'd fly. i'm so proud of your talent and your bravery. thanks for weilding your mighty pom poms for me and for being one of my most favorite people.

    ok, so much sap is unnatural for us, i feel the need to say something smart-assed. love you girl! ; )

  2. What do you mean? There are ones that you haven't seen before? I thought I burned all of the images for you last year... didn't I? If not, one of these days, I'm going to sit down and re-edit them for you. I did some new editing to a couple of these anyway.

    Yes, the sap is unnatural. Go play some Word Twist.