Thursday, June 11, 2009

Martin Family Summer 2009 | Dallas Child Photographer

For my inaugural post on this blog, I introduce the Martin Family. (For the sake of privacy and protection of little ones, I will not be using first names in this blog.)

I had not seen the mommy of these two cuties in about fifteen years, so it was not only a treat for me to get to photograph such a lovely family, but also just to see an old friend, and to finally meet her wonderful hubby, too!

The beautiful baby girl in these photos just turned one and her handsome big brother just turned three. This equates to a very interesting photo session indeed! With the use of Goldfish, M&Ms and jelly beans a-plenty (bribery, anyone?), I was able to get some priceless photos and it was just so much fun.

So anyway, we met at Flippen Park in Highland Park, TX and it was a lovely, lovely morning...


  1. AWESOME!!! You're on your way now!!! Beautiful... just beautiful pics of the Martin family!

  2. Thank you! I wish I knew who you were, but thanks!! ;)

  3. I'm just totally grinning from ear to ear with excitement for you! You are SO on your way. I'm just so proud to be your friend. You're the best!! MMMWWWAAAHHH!!!!

  4. Wahhhhh... J.J. Love you bunches, girl!